Vragen aan mij of interesse in een samenwerking? Twijfel niet en neem contact met mij op!

Voor contact betreft samenwerkingen, online coaching, schema’s of andere vragen kun je mij bereiken via of door onderstaand contact formulier in te vullen. Ik neem zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.

Carmen Ketelaar
Owner ‘Carmen Ketelaar’
Co-owner ‘Dutch4Health’
Social media:
Instagram: @CarmenKetelaar
YouTube: Carmen Ketelaar

KvK-Nummer: 69387656


2 gedachten over “Contact”

  1. Hi
    I love following you on Instagram and find your website very interesting and great advice/tips on it. I’m currently trying to tone my body. I wouldn’t say I’m fat nut shredding a few extra pounds to help tone would be good. Just when I go to the gym I tent to do a whole body workout in a day (arms, legs, bums and abs) but is it more better to focus one one.body part^area per session ? Rather than a bit if each, each time.
    My eating is pretty good and clean. I find that the easy part I know what not to and what too eat. Trying to add more cardio/running into my sessions too now. Like most people it’s my abs I mainly want to become visible. But wany me legs and bum toned too.
    Thanks kimberley

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