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Body&Fit Sportpancakes

What the heck? That’s what i thought when i opened my mail last Friday evening. An email from Body&Fit ‘Your package is send’. Well okay, thanks, freakin’ awesome BUT I DID’NT ORDER ANYTHING. I am a poor little girl so of course i was planning on freakin’ out but i decided to call to the costumer service first. The friendly man looked at my Body&Fit account and he saw that someone made an order for me, as a service. Which means; I WAS GETTING A PRESENT!

First that awesome present from Run2Day and now from Body&Fit.. it’s not even my birthday. I was totally excited to see what’s in the box.. but the package would arrive the next day, so i had to wait a bit longer. Luckily i had to work that saturday, so the day would go a bit faster. When i came home, my package arrived. It was a small, cute little package from my favorite – dutch –  online shop! When i opened it i saw two things which i both wanted to try soooo bad; Sport Pancakes and the new Omega 3 Chia- and Flax seed mix. I knew i was going for a run today and because it’s sunday (PANCAKE DAY) i made a couple of sport pancakes this morning. 
 sports-pancakes-powder_bodyenfit_pouch BF_omega-3-chia-en-lijnzaad
The pancakes are really easy to make. The bag contains a pancake mixture and a little scoop. 1 scoop contains 50 grams of the mixture, which is good for 1 normal sized pancake. Put 1 scoop of the mixture in a shaker and add 70 ml of water. Now shake it baby. The only thing you have to do next is to heat a little pan with coconut oil, put the mixture in there, wait 2 minutes, flip it over, wait 5 minutes and it’s done. Easy as shit right? Besides, the pancake tastes soooooo good! Top it with some of your favorite fruits and voila, breakfast! The description on the back of the wrapping is for 2 normal sized pancakes. The pancakes i made this morning (the ones you see on the picture below) is halve the dose, but i made two small ones instead of one normal sized.

I haven’t tried the seed mix yet. I am sure i’m gonna love it, because i always use flax seeds ánd chia seeds in my breakfast. These seeds contain Omega 3 fat, which you can also get from eating fish. For people who don’t like fish or eat to little fats, this is a great way to get it in your body anyways. Chia and Flax seeds are both Superfood and biological. Healthy shit. 

Dus Nederlandse&Belgische lieverdjes, dit is zeker een aanrader! Bestellen? Klik op de banner hieronder:

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