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One More Rep


This morning i had my first pre-workout from 1.M.R (One more rep). I heard so many things about pre-workouts. My boyfriend uses it and some of my Insta FitGirl friends use it so why shouldn’t i try?

One More Rep:
One More Rep is a pre-workout which is pretty high rated in the US. This preworkout gives you the feeling you can lift everything. 1MR contains an extremely concentrated dose of CNS Stimulants, Nitric Oxide Agonists (The PUMP), and Muscle Building Agents measured to support a great athletic response. You only need one scoop per workout. It’s better to use it once a week because your body can get used to it, and then it doesn’t work anymore.


Taste & Use:
I am no sweet tooth. Not at all. Pre workout tastes gross in my opinion haha! I had watermelon, which is delicious as a fruit, but for a preworkout… Nope. It was so sweet i almost had to puke. No joke. You have to take one scoop (I had a little sample, so no scoops) and drink it with 6-8 OZ of water. The less water, the sweeter it gets but the sooner it’s gone. So i decided to sacrifice myself and drink it with only 6 OZ of water. SWEEEEEEEET. I thought my eyes were going to roll out of my orbit. LOL. You have to drink the pre-workout 15-30 minutes before the workout. I love legdays, so i decided to drink it before my legday. If you don’t like the sweetness as well, you can also drink it with your breakfast so you can eat something afterwards.

BAM. Amazing. Never had such a legday in my freakin’ life before. I felt so much energy running trough my body. I could do more reps, more sets and i could add weight to every exercise i did. I could feel my legs burn but my head wanted more. Mostly it takes 1 hour to finish a legday. Today it took me 1,5 hours and then i felt my body crashing. From that moment i knew i had to stop. Even though my head wanted more, i felt that my body gave everything and that it was enough. Beast mode was on! It was great to use it, but i am not sure if i would use it again some day. Maybe with an other leg day, but i think it’s important to improve your own strength without supplements. It was fun to try and i would never say never!

Much love,



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