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Nike Structure 17+ Dynamic Support

Hi guys!

Last week i was in Morocco with my mom, like you might know. I knew i was getting a package from Run2Day NederlandKilling. You know you are going to receive a package but you aren’t home. Shoot me. For real.

Luckily my daddy was at home so he could make some pictures for me. I thought i was only gonna get shoes, but nope. Shoes AND Clothes! When i saw those pictures i thought i was going to faint. All that stuff. For me! A present. What did i do to deserve that? I was so happy that i tested my shoes the next day. Here is a little review about the Nike Structure 17 Dynamic Support:
First thought:
Damn. Those colors are bright. Haha. That really was my first thought. I am a pink girly so i hoped that the shoes would be pink as well. But what the heck, the color doesn’t mind! I love them!! My second thought was; i hope they fit. I never had real running shoes before. I always used my moms shoes and the Nikes i use at the gym. My gymshoes are EU size 38,5 so i thought this would be good enough for running shoes as well. In my normal shoes i have a size 38, but you need to feel comfortable in workout shoes, so it’s better to get them half a size bigger. The clothes were so amazing! I got 2 tops, 3 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 3 shorts, 1 tight and a hat. Conclusion; Wow, i am a spoiled little bitch.
First Run:
When i woke up, it was raining. To be honest, i hate rain, haha! Best motivation to go for a run anyways? New gear. I woke up pretty late because i came home that night before and because i always run before my breakfast, it was a little bit hard to plan my meals and my workout for that day. But no problem, i did it anyways. No 5K, because i was going to the gym as well that day, but a 3K. Long enough to feel how amazingly comfortable these shoes are. I was so fast and i felt like i was flying! My feet are a little bit weird. I have over pronation, which means that your feet topples to the inside. Like this:
These shoes give you the right support, so that won’t happen. Your chance on getting an injury is a lot smaller! Sometimes when i was wearing my mom’s shoes, my knee was hurting a bit. On these shoes? Nope. Nothing. They fit perfectly and i had no troubles at all! No bad words about this shoe. The shoe is really comfortable and the damping is nice as well. It really feels like your flying. The clothes fit perfectly as well! The whole package is from the winter collection of Nike and Adidas and i got it from the Dutch store Run2Day. Of course you can find the products at the Nike and Adidas store as well.

Like i said, these shoes are size 38,5. Sometimes shoes can make your feet look big. Specially workout or running shoes. I didn’t had that feeling with these shoes. When i looked down my legs looked so thin (because of the tights) and my feet didn’t look huge, luckily! The shoes are blue, white and neon yellow. I never liked these colors to be honest, but i really think these shoes are beautiful and that they look good on me! The shoe looks big and heavy, but in my opinion the shoe is pretty light. They look very comfortable and soft. And they are. I walked in these babies with socks, but i’ve heard that it’s nicer to run without, so i’m gonna try that next time. The clothes look beautiful! Like i said, the tight made my legs look so thin haha. The t shirts and tops are a little bit too big.  They send me sizes S, but normally i have size XS. It doesn’t bother me, so i don’t really care.

If you have the same problem as me (over pronation or under pronation) i would definitely recommend this shoe. It really supports your feet and knees. You can walk short or long distances both. The damping of the shoe is perfect and they fit great. The shoe is very comfortable and doesn’t look big at all. You won’t become big foot! The shoe is from the winter collection from Nike and you can buy them HERE. Free shipping to everywhere and you can pay through paypall! Size 38,5 is 7,5 in US sizes! So if you need a size 40, you have US size 10.


Much love,




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