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Hello sweeties,

Here i am! Back home from my trip to Marrakesh. I promised to write a blog about my workout routine there and how i ate as clean as i could. Of course i will tell you something about the culture as well.

What a difference. When we started landing, you can see the city from a very good point. You can see where the ‘rich’ people live, and where the ‘poor’ people live. When we drove from the airport to our Hotel, you could see more of the difference. It was a dirty mess. People dropped their dirt at the streets, some of the people lived in boxes instead of normal houses and i thought i would die. Not because of the people and the way of living there, but because of our driver, haha! People who were walking, riding on their bikes, or were driving scooters or cars, it happened all on the same street. There was no special place for cars or something, no just the same street as the people who were walking. Traffic lights? Don’t care. Any traffic rules? Fuck them. Only two cars next to each other was allowed, but they didn’t car. Just drive with four other cars beside you. Freakin’ scary i can say! The old city of Marrakesh was weird. I didn’t like it. Too much people who are begging you to buy something. If you say no, they are going to walk behind you and start pushing you. I hate it. At ‘The Square’ there were a lot of people like this. They want to give you a Henna Tattoo or they want you to take a picture with a snake or monkey. In the evening there is a lot of music there. The buildings were very nice though. I love to see pretty Mosques and old buildings. The people in Marrakesh speak mostly French, not really English. Some of them had some family in The Netherlands, so they spoke a little bit Dutch! The people who worked at the hotel or at the restaurant were very friendly! The food is delicious. They serve the food in ‘Tajines’. It’s a typical way of serving food. They steam the veggies, meat or couscous in those Tajines.

IMG_20140527_200607    P1000434
P1000433    P1000441
Our hotel was good. Not perfect but good. Of course it all looks amazing and beautiful at the pictures and when you come at your hotel it looks different. Our room was a little bit.. disappointing. Again, the beautiful pictures. The beds were awful, i slept terrible haha. But how ever, the people were very friendly and they spoke French and English. We stayed at the Riad Qodwa. A very small hotel (14 rooms), in the middle of now where. We had to drive 45 minutes to get to our Hotel from the airport. The city of Marrakesh was 30 minutes away from us. There was a nice little pool and some grass where you could play games. There was a lobby – with wifi – and if you wanted to eat something you could choose from the menu. It was fun to see that all of the guests were Dutch. The weather there was beautiful luckily, so we could tan a little and relax at the pool! At the pictures it all looks amazingly clean and nice, but it wasn’t that clean. Even though the hotel wasn’t perfect, we had a great time at Riad Qodwa!

P1000476        P1000472

P1000471        P1000405
I like to eat clean. We all know that. If you’re going on a holiday, it’s always hard because you don’t know what your Hotel can offer you. We only had breakfast included, but they send us a menu when we were still at home, so i knew that there were healthy choices for lunch and dinner. Our breakfast was the same. Every morning. A dirty little pancakes, with a small chocolate bread, four pieces of Moroccan bread, strawberry or apricot jam, a yogurt cup, olives and small little cheeses. I ate this the first day, and from that moment in knew i was never going to eat that again. GROSS! The day after i asked if they could bring me something else, only the Moroccan bread with the jam and an egg. At first they gave me an omelet with lots of salt. I never use salt, so the next day i asked for a boiled egg. I felt like a bitch when i asked all of that.. but they were very friendly and they said it was no problem! They even brought me some fruits one day because they saw me working out! We also bought some apples, oranges and banana’s at the market as a snackie. For lunch i tried all the salads on the menu. I never use dressings, so they made them without a dressing for me. I really loved the Moroccan bread there and they served it with every dish, so i ate a lot of bread, haha. For dinner i choose the healthy way too. Sometimes a vegetarian tajine and sometimes couscous with chicken and veggies. Delicious! I never had couscous in my life, but i’m in love. Even though you can’t always eat healthy on a vacation, you can make it healthy by your own choices! It’s okay to give yourself a little treat every day!

IMG_20140528_092829  IMG_20140527_092421 (1)  

IMG_20140525_095245  IMG_20140526_221646
IMG_20140527_200727  IMG_20140526_222259

IMG_20140529_174429  IMG_20140526_221614
                                                                         Airplane snackie!

Working out:
Yes, i worked out! Because i can’t live without working out, i did some exercises before breakfast 3 times. I did two full body workouts from 40/45 minutes and one 20 minute cardio workout. I did a lot. Jumping jacks, rope jumps, high knees, leg raises, russian twists, push ups, planking, dips, squats, lunges and exercises like that. I had no weights so i did all of this on my body weight. Even though you have no gear for your workout, you need to improvise. You can do cool stuff without a gym! I used the stairs to try box jumps and do some cardio at it. I used a little bench to do dips. You can do a lot. I even tried some yoga! I choose to do this workout before my breakfast because it feels good. You wake up and do a little intensive workout and then you eat and relax! There are many ways to stick to your lifestyle even when your on a vacation. Run 5 K, work on your push ups or dips, try some new ab exercises. Do more sets and reps then you’re used to do! You can do amazing things with your own body weight! Even though you’re not working out for an hour or something, at least you worked out. Try yoga, it’s really relaxing when you’re on a vacation!

IMG_20140526_172506  IMG_20140525_164134
 IMG_20140526_101415  IMG_20140527_100009

IMG_20140525_103347   20140527_084613  

It was a great experience with my mom, and i really enjoyed some time with her! I hope i gave you some tips for an healthy and active vacation!

Much love,


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