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Insta FitGirl Meeting – part 1

Hi Guys,

For the people who follow me on Instagramyou might have seen that we had an awesome Insta FitGirl meeting yesterday! Here is a little review;

10265455_710029819059691_3997866952407339457_o          IMG_8268

The girls came from all over the country. The Netherlands isn’t big, but some people had to travel by train for 2,5 hours. No problem of course. We would love to meet our FitGirls! At half past six we met each other at Amsterdam Roest. A nice, little old cafe with a big industrial building at the side. When we met, it felt like we knew each other for a couple of years! No awkwardness at all. Even though you never spoke to each other in person, there was no trouble with that first meeting.

IMG-20140522-WA0009_resized       IMG-20140523-WA0013_resized

At seven our workout started. 100 girls full of energy who were as excited as we were. Of course we stood at the first line. What we did was a big HIIT workout, given by the Nike Training Club. Three enthousiastic Personal Trainers who made us push our limits. There were no weight involved, but it was heavier then my normal workouts i can tell you! It was very hot out there, so sometimes i really needed to drink some water between the exercises. There was no option. No quitting. The ground was dirty and we were so sweaty that we became more dirty. I loved it. I think the workout took 30/40 minutes. Damn.. we burned some calories. 

IMG_8253       IMG_8212

After the workout, we searched for a nice place to eat. Eventually we found a place with called ‘Bazar’. A big and beautiful restaurant where they served Lebanese food. We were very hungry at that moment, so we couldn’t care if it wasn’t clean. And come on, we deserved a treat right? This food, was the best food ever. I mean.. The plates were so filled with beautiful ingredients. Even though it was a lot, i could not NOT eat everything. So yes i did. My plate was empty afterwards. #sorrynotsorry 

10298097_710030389059634_4981465783689698093_o            IMG_20140522_222910_resized

Thanks to Nike and Body&Fit/Alpro/Chocodelic/Lovechock we got some nice goodies to bring home. Lots of bars, drinks and pre-workouts. I never tried a pre-workout before in my life. But i definitely will, next week, after my vacation. Girls, i had a wonderful time! Thank you so much, and we will meet again! Special thanks to Jenny, who arranged all of this.

For you, you should totally check out these FitGirls, they are the best: Jenny, Ashley, Laura, Kaneesha, Bobbi, Laury, Christel, Aranka, Eline and Merel.

10380144_710030125726327_4412199341867985464_o             PhotoGrid_1400841103055

Much love,




2 gedachten over “Insta FitGirl Meeting – part 1”

  1. Hoe gaaf is dat! Kwam je net tegen op instagram (@louzziej) en vond je efht awesome!! Maar dit is een gaaf idee zeg! Ik heb ook wel zouets in het klein gedaan. Ga je nog eens zoiets doen? Lijkt me intzettend gaaf erbij te zijn!
    X marlous

    1. Heey Marlous! Er zijn inderdaad wel meer insta meetingen maar deze zijn op uitnodiging. We willen wel een keer een grote gaan organiseren zodat iedereen kan komen wie wil. Maar de insta meeting met deze meiden is alleen op uitnodiging. X Carmen!

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