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Growing love; Running

Goodmorning sweetiess!

My whole life, i’ve been dreaming about running a 5k. No joke.. for real. I always wanted to do it. I tried, many times, to start running. I used schedules, an mp3 coach and tips from the internet. It never helped. Why? Because i am asthmatic. Working out, outside was a no go for me. Untill last week!

Because i want to get lean so bad, i asked some people for advice. What do i  have to do to get lean and get my abs visable? The answer was – most of the time – doing a 30 minute cardio once or twice a week before breakfast – so yes, on a empty stomach -. Running was the key word again. So i tried again, and i just did it! 5K in 38 minutes, without a break or a slow walk in between. Just 5K of running. I was so proud of myself, even though it wasn’t fast at all, i did run a 5K. 

How did i do it with my asthmatic problems? Well, when i finished ‘High School/Secondary school’, i studied Musical Theatre for 1,5 years. I didn’t finish my education but i learned a lot of things about the way our breathing works. Because you have to sing and dance at the same time in a Musical, you learn to control your inhalation so you won’t freak out and start to hyperventilate. What i did while running my 5K…. was singing. Yes i really did. Earphones in, music on and just sing. Not out loud of course, just whispering. But this really helped for me.

I run once or twice a week now, on a rest day. I might go more often in the summer holidays to enjoy the weather and the nature. I run before my breakfast on a empty stomach. Because you haven’t consumed anything yet, you don’t have calories to burn, so your body will burn fat. WATCH OUT: You need to have a strong mind and body to run on an empty stomach. If you don’t you mind faint. So eat something small before your run instead of nothing.

So, if you want to start running as well, this might be a good tip for you. Run at a slow tempo. Not too fast, just at a pace where you’re still able to talk with someone, or sing in my case. Don’t be afraid to push your limits, you’re body might be a bit sore, but the key is too run through that. It will leave after a couple of minutes. It takes me 35 minutes to walk a 5K, which isn’t really fast but it’s a good start and i think i can be proud. For me, it doesn’t help to walk in between, because i have the feeling that my legs need to work twice as hard when i start running again. It might help for you, so if you know it helps, you should definetely take some rest between running. Like i said before, if you can’t run on a empty stomach like i do, you should definetely eat something small before your run.

For more tips, you should definetely check out She is my favorite runner and a big inspiration for me. On her website she gives you great tips for running and for nice workout gear. 

I hope i was able to give you some tips that might help. It becomes an addiction, trust me. I don’t have my own pair of running shoes.. but now i have to buy some, haha!

Much lovee, Carmen!

PS: Breakfast tastes so much better after a good run.

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