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Ab exercises

Hello beautifuls,

A lot of people on Instagram asked me if i could post my ab exercises. I wanted to post them before, but i totaly forgot to write down my exercises. Yesterday i was motivated to write it all down for you, and still.. i forgot. However, i promised to post my ab exercises, so here they are.

I don’t train abs very often. Only once a week, on tuesdays. I used to go to CorePower class, but i don’t like grouplessons that much.. so i quit and made my own ab-workout. to be honest with you, i hate training abs. Why? Because they burn. And most of the times, i like that feeling.. Love burning muscles, but when your abs are burning, i do not like. The feeling really irritates me, so that’s why i don’t train abs that much.

What’s important to know about your belly, is that 80% of your shape is the way you eat and only 20% workout. You can kill yourself  with ab exercises, but if you don’t train the rest of your body or eat clean, you won’t get any progress and you won’t get visable abs. Most of the people have problems with their lower abs. Same here! Great exercises for the lower abs, are squats and lunges. Wait what? Those are leg exercises. Yes, yes indeed. Every exercise where you raise or low your legs, your lower abs will start working. For visable abs, you need to do leg exercises as well!

My ab workout;
What i would like to say up front; is that i can’t give you any sets or reps, because i am not really stick to that during my abworkout. Sometimes i do 5 sets of 10 reps, and sometimes i do 3 sets of 15 reps. I can only give you the excersises i do. Most of the time, i do as many reps as i can. I haven’t made any pictures, so you might have to google some excersises haha.

Warming up;
– Rope jump for 2 minutes 
– 10 legraises
– 10 criscross raises
– 10 legraises. 
The workout;
– Legraises (with 1kg ankle weight on each ankle).

– Criss cross (Also with ankle weights).
– Russian Twists (Most of the time with a 10 kg plate in my hands).
– Hanging leg raises (straight legs, no weight, many reps).
– Hanging knee raises (5 kg dumpell between my feet).
– Knee pikes (Stability ball or TRX).
– Crunches (on the stability ball or on a bench, 10 plate in my hands). 
– Cable woodchoppers (18 kg).
– Side bends (on a bech, 8 kg kettlebelt in my lower hand. You can also do this while standing, then i use a 20 kg kettlebelt). 
– Torso rotation (Cybex machine).
Cooling down;
– HIIT, 20 minutes on the hometrainer (bike). 30 seconds high speed, 1 minute rest. My traininglevel is 12 and my rest level is 3. The bike does 1:20 on your trainings level and 1:20 on your rest level. I don’t focus on those seconds, i always keep my own rythm. So sometimes i have my 30 seconds High Speed on the rest level, and sometimes i have it on my trainings level.

Well this is it actually. It looks a lot haha, and it actually is. Sometimes i won’t be able to do all of the exercises you see here, but most of the time i can finish all of them. I do take rests sometimes, but mostly that’s just 10 seconds. With every workout, i train hard for 30 minutes, then i give myself a 5 minute break and then i go hard for another 30 minutes. So i can finish a lot of exercises actually.

Most of my ab exercises are focused on my lower belly as you can see. I don’t like situps or crushes, i do them sometimes, but i don’t like them. My abs aren’t visable or anything. But i am making progress. My belly is flat, my lower belly get flatter week by week and my abs are starting to show themselves slowly. Maybe in a while my abs will pop!

I hope i gave you some tips for your ab workouts. If you have any questions, email me!

Much love, Carmen.

 —->  Movie:   Side bends on a bench. <—–

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