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Good evening sweeties,

I get many questions about my workout routines and about my ‘diet’. I don’t really like the word ‘diet’ so i’m using the word ‘lifestyle’. Because that’s what it is. In this post i’ll give you a quick look into my gym life and about my eating habits. 

As you might know i work out 6 times a week, depends on my baton twirling schedule. I have one rest day in the week and i just do nothing then. Chilling on the couch in my sweatpants and my hoodie. My week schedule kinda looks like this:


I make sure i do HIIT three times a week, 20 minutes long. I do it after my workout, just as an extra boost for my fat burning progress. I mostly do hiit on the bike/home trainer on Interval level. That’s 1:20 minutes on a high level and 1:20 minutes on a rest level. I don’t really have goals. I mean i do have goals, like visable abs and a low body fat percentage but i’m not going to work extra hard to get there. I am not going to bulk for extra muscle and cut to get leaner before summer. I will get there. Maybe it will take a bit longer, but i will get there. 

When i work out i try to be done in 1.5 hour. Sometimes i’m done at 1 hour, sometimes 1.5 hours. I always give everything i have in my workout. I try to lift the heaviest weights i can and i focus on my rhythm, reps and sets. I don’t lift to fast, just in a good rhythm for gaining muscle. I’ve learned that you have to be dead before you finished your sets. For example; You want to do 15 reps. Then you have to be sore and you can’t lift anymore at 12/13 reps. Then your weight is good and heavy enough! If you can finish your 15 reps easy, you can add more weight!

I don’t take long rests between reps or sets. Mostly 30 seconds. If i just added weight i take 40 seconds of rest. I always try to push my limits when i work out.  I love the feeling of sore muscles at the end. After my workout or after my HIIT i really feel satisfied and i hope i can love that feeling for a long time! 

IMG_20140419_122006_resized                10153940_10203313552748942_905765172669928145_n

I am pretty active so i eat a lot too. Love that part. I eat clean and make sure that i’m getting all the nutrition i need. Yes i eat carbs and yes i eat fats. I just it eat in the right proportions. I also eat 6 times a day. Three main meals and three snackies. I don’t eat normal bread or potatoes. I only eat normal bread when i’m at my boyfriend. At home i always eat speltbread. I replace the potatoes for rice or pasta. I eat 3 pieces of fruit a day and love veggies, nuts and rice cakes. 

Breakfast is always protein oatmeal with fruits. I often sprinkle my breakfast with flax seeds, cocoa nibs or coconut flakes. If i’m going to workout after my breakfast, i replace the fruits for a protein bar for some extra protein and power. Sometimes i just treat myself with some pancakes! My first snack is a protein bar or four rice cakes with a piece of fruit.

IMG_20140417_081902_resized           IMG_20140416_083157_resized

Then it’s time for lunch which is speltbread. Two slices with peanutbutter/banana, chicken, turkey or beef. Sometimes i eat pancakes or an extra egg or something. My lunch isn’t big but it’s enough. As a pre-workout lunch i love to have two slices speltbread with peanutbutter/banana and some nuts. After my workout i always take a protein shake and a piece of fruit. If i haven’t worked out, my snackie is just some almonds and a protein shake. 

IMG_20140417_123108_resized           IMG_20140404_155927_resized

Dinner is pretty boring for me. Rice, veggies and meat/fish. I love chicken and fish. So most of the times i just eat 200 grams of veggies with brown rice and chicken or fish. Sometimes i replace the rice for whole grain pasta or quinoa. I also love Spaghetti. I use slim minced meat for it. I love salads as well, so if i feel like eating a salad i’m making one! As a late night snack it’s actually always 0% fat quark. It has slow proteins in it which is good for your recover progress while sleeping. I my quark i put some muesli with raisins in it and sometimes some protein powder or some almonds.

IMG_20140406_171706_resized        IMG_20140418_173413_resized

I don’t count calories or macros. I am really afraid that i might loose my self control and get back to my anorexia level from my past. I don’t want that. That’s why i avoid scales or calorie counting. I just eat when i’m hungry and because it’s always clean, i don’t worry about anything. I have a cheat meal once a week! I don’t plan an entire day for cheating, just one meal. Most of the times that’s Saturdays dinner. 

I also love baking and making nice and treaty things for breakfast, lunch or snacktime. I always post my recipes on my blog. So you can find them back whenever you want! I just like to bake things and share it with you all!

IMG_20140418_121914_resized         IMG_20140416_121451_resized

As you’ll know i’ve lost a lot of weight thanks to cardio and clean eating. My body did get so much leaner after i started to work out. I am very proud of my progress and even though i’m still in progress i love the way it’s going now. I really love my life and workout out really makes me happy. My boyfriend is my biggest motivation i think. He is really sweet and a beast in the gym as well! That’s so cool. 

IMG_20140426_172048_resized         IMG_20140425_201027_resized

I hope i gave you a better look into my life and what i’m doing and eating. I am trying to post as many workout pictures of videos if i can and i’ll make a Food diary and Workout log soon! But remember; What works for me, may not work for you!

Much love, Carmen.



5 gedachten over “Gym & Lifestyle”

  1. Wat wen duidelijke uitleg, respect voor wat je doet! Het is inderdaad a changing lifestyle en daar moet je zelf 100% achter staan . Ik leef hetzelfde en ik vind het heerlijk! Ik voel me zo veel beter, heb meer energie, je uiterlijk veranderd en mijn zelfbeeld is vele malen groter geworden! Wel nog een vraag over de hiit trainingen, hoe en op welk apparaat voor je deze uit?

    Liefs Vera

  2. Waauw heb zojuist heel je blog gelezen, je bent echt een grote inspiratie voor mij! Ik ga al je recepten uitproberen en ik volg je nu ook op instagram om gemotiveerd te blijven! Dankjewel!

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