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Oatmeal Experience



Are you getting  a little bit bored of your oatmeal? The same every day? This week i made a different oatmeal every morning, so if you want some inspiration, read about my Oatmeal Experience!

 I always boil my oats in water and chia seeds. Of course you can use almond milk or every other type of milk.
I use 50 grams of oatmeal. 

Banana-Peanutbutter Oatmeal:
Put the oats in a small pan and add enough water. The oats have to swim. =) Put the pan on the fire, so the water is able to cook into the oats. Mix half of a banana and a teaspoon of peanutbutter together and add this to your oats. The water has to be solved a bit already. Let this cook together and keep stirring. Add some chia seeds and coconut rasp and that’s it! Easy as it is.

Aardbeien-Chocolade Havermout:
This one is even more easy. Put the oats in a small pan and add enough water, strawberry protein powder, raw cacao powder and chia seeds. Keep stirring until the water is solved and that’s it. You’re oatmeal is done!


Put the oats in a small pan and add water, vanilla powder and cinnamon. Blend half of a apple and when the water is cooked and solved a bit, you can put the mixed apple into the pan. We didn’t have raisins  unfortunately, but if we had, i would add those to for some extra Apple Pie flavor! 


Chocolate-Coconut Oatmeal:
This. was. amazing. You all know i love coconut, and it’s just.. delicious!! Gonna make this again veeeeeeery soon!

Put the oats into the pan and add water. Add some coconut sprinkles and chia seeds and let this cook for a little moment. Now, my special secret ingredient; A Coconut Proteinbar. When the water was cooked well, i just cut a Coconut bar into small pieces and put that in the pan. I kept stirring until the bar was totally mixed with the oats so you couldn’t see the bar itself. This flavor was just heaven. Really. I topped it with a banana because i love the combination between banana and coconut. Please, try this sometimes. If you don’t have a coconut protein bar, just use coconut sprinkles with raw cacao powder or cacao nibs. 

Apple-Pear Oatmeal:
Put the oats in the pan and add water and chia seeds. Now you can add half an apple and half a pear immediately. Let it cook together for a moment and when the water is solved, you can put everything in the blender and mix it all together so you don’t have pieces of pear and apple anymore. Top it with the other half of the apple and the other half of the pear. I liked the flavor of this oatmeal because it was fresh and sweet. Nice breakfast for the first day of spring! Even though it was raining…


Chocolate-Peanutbutter Oatmeal:
Put the oats in the pan and add water, one teaspoon of raw cacao powder, one teaspoon of peanutbutter and chia seeds. Keep stirring while the water solves, it goes very fast with this one. When everything is mixed it’s done to eat! Do you guys like my Mr. Bear?


So, here are a few variation tips for some Oatmeal. Like you see i don’t add very much to my oats because i love the flavor of the oats itself. I like the texture and i don’t think you have to add a lot of extras to your oatmeal. You can top every oatmeal with whatever you like! Let me know if you tried some and what you think about it!

Much love, Carmen. ❤


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